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Links and an update.

Sunday, Jun. 05, 2016 - 12:34 a.m.


Here I am again, with some links for you. No, this does not mean this is my final D-land entry. Also excuse me for not making them proper links. I'm lazy, OK? Just c/p! Or search. is my new home, sort of. So far it's mostly about caregiving for Mom, but I do want to start slipping the rest of my life into there. I never planned for it to be a themed blog, it just sort of started out that way because that's what's been on my mind.

Also I have two Instagram accounts. bj_wyndspirit is pictures of my fashion dolls and bonnie_a_jay is pictures of everything else.

All are public, so play nice. Thank you!

Plans are moving along for my sister. She made a flying trip out and planted a garden. There wasn't time to do much else, but gardens kinda have to be put in, and I had no time to do it for her.

The other sisters came down over Memorial Day weekend. We took flowers out to the cemetery. I noticed somebody had dropped one of Dad's favorite orange slice candies on his grave. I almost lost it when I saw that.

There is such a void when somebody passes on. It heals, but it never heals over or goes away. It's like a scar where you had a chunk of your body removed. The skin heals over to protect what's underneath, but the hole is always there.

Right now we're sort of in a holding pattern. We're waiting for the assessment of the farm so we can get it surveyed and get sold what we want to sell and keep what we want to keep. I know I could be working on some other things, but I'm just too tired. I need to get a surveyor lined up, but I've barely finished arguing with Mom over how much the lawyer cost. (She was OK with it at the time, but now she thinks it was a waste of money and she is being ripped off. I have told her repeatedly that he was worth every penny and we feel it was a good use of some of our "inheritance.")

In other news, Windows 10 decided to install itself on my laptop and I'd kind of like to play with it but I haven't had time. I have it on my PC and I like it fine, but I've been putting off upgrading my laptop because I use it for work and it hasn't been approved till recently. Now I have the fun job of making sure everything I need for work really does work, before I need it.

But not this weekend. I have to mow. And I'm starting to ramble so I'm going to shut up now.

What do you think?

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